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Greg Kane talks about "City of Soul", giving an insight into recording the album...


Born September 11th 1966 in Glasgow, Scotland.
One half of pop/soul duo “Hue And Cry”. A musician, composer, producer, audio engineer, videographer, blogger and digital content creator / manager

CITY OF SOUL by Greg Kane
Jim Diamond always wanted to make a soul record. He picked 12 classic soul songs that meant the most to him. My job was to record these songs as authentically as I could. We needed a studio. A studio that would accommodate live musicians playing together as one. A studio that would inspire the musicians to play with confidence. We chose Castlesound Studios in Pentcaitland. An old school. A historic place. A place where hard work and play was encouraged in equal measure. It was ideal.
There would be no separation between the instruments ... backing tracks in mono ... all for one and one for all ... 3 mics on the kit, one mic on the old school upright piano, one for the bass, one for the guitar and one mic for Jim ... solo any of the mics and you’ll hear the record! ... take after take ... always heads up, a family of eyes. If someone makes a mistake, we’ll go again. Each musician routing for the other, united in the common goal. A success. 12 beautifully performed backing tracks created in 4 days. Now for the icing ...

2 days recording horns ... trombone, trumpet, tenor sax and alto sax ... in front of 2 old BBC ribbon mics ... fantastic arrangements by John Milne!

2 days recording the backing vocalists. Two girls and a boy standing round a single mic ... step in if your too quiet ... step out if your too loud.

One day for the Hammond Organ. An old instrument ... noisy, soulful. Perfect.
Photo Credit: Alistair Mulhearn (click image for website) (c) 2011Mixing? ... the record mixes itself ... there’s not much you can change anyway ... all the decisions were made as they were performed. 2 days to make sure though.
And there you have it. City Of Soul. All the musicians overjoyed. Pride. Smiles all round.
Let’s gig it!