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Soul / R&B


Jim Diamond Solo Albums

Title: City of Soul

Year of Release: 2011

Record Label: Camino Records

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Title: Souled & Healed

Year of Release: 2005

Record Label: Hypertension Music

Wikipedia   Amazon   iTunes  

Title: The Best Of Jim Diamond

Year of Release: 1999

Record Label: Polydor / Spectrum Music

Wikipedia   Amazon  

Title: Sugarolly Days

Year of Release: 1994

Record Label: Righteous Records / Total Records / River Records

Wikipedia   Amazon  

Title: Jim Diamond

Year of Release: 1993

Record Label: PolyGram/Polydor TV

Wikipedia   Amazon  

Title: Jim Diamond

Year of Release: 1988

Record Label: Teldec


Title: Desire For Freedom

Year of Release: 1986

Record Label: A&M

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Title: Double Crossed

Year of Release: 1985

Record Label: A&M

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Jim Diamond Solo Singles:

2011 "Morning Glory"   iTunes
2006 "Blue Shoes"   Amazon   iTunes 
2005 "When You Turn"   Amazon   iTunes 
1994 "Caledonia (Heartland)"
1994 "Sugarolly Mountains"
1993 "Not Man Enough"
1988 "The Last Time"
1988 "Broadway"
1987 "Shout It Out!"
1986 "So Strong"
1986 "Desire"
1986 "Young Love (Carry Me Away)"
1986 "Hi Ho Silver" (UK Singles Chart Position # 5)
1985 "Remember I Love You"
1985 "I Sleep Alone At Night"
1984 "I Should Have Known Better" (UK Singles Chart Position # 1) 
1976 "Clean Up The City"

Ph.D Albums:

2009 "Three"   iTunes  
1983 "Is It Safe?"
1981 "Ph.D" (UK Albums Chart Position # 33)

Ph.D Singles:

2009 "Drivetime"   iTunes  
1983 "Fifth of May"
1983 "I Didn't Know"
1982 "There's No Answer To It"
1982 "I Won't Let You Down" (UK Singles Chart Position # 3)
1981 "Little Suzi's On The Up"


1976 "Bandit" (album) / "Ohio" (single)